About FleetingSpider

Welcome. My name is Peter Singfield and I design and build guitar effects pedals and other music technology devices. I am an active participant in, and contributor to, the online DIY guitar pedal building community. I also take pleasure in teaching electronics to enthusiastic newcomers to guitar pedal building.

I worked for nearly 50 years for major technology organisations specialising in radio engineering, electronics, computing and data network design and engineering. Although I am not a musician myself, I am an enthusiastic music technology designer and I enjoy hearing the results of the many music synthesis and effects circuits that I design and build.

I am located in Surrey, England and together with my son, an accomplished bass and guitar player and a music graduate, I can design and build bespoke, custom guitar effects pedals for any musician that is looking for something a little different from the standard off-the-shelf guitar effect. I can build custom pedals based on classic designs or can design and build something completely original and unique. I can also modify and repair most guitar pedals. Please contact me by emailing effects@fleetingspider.com and I will be glad to discuss your requirement with you.

From time to time I will be showcasing some of my work on this website and will be happy to share design and analysis details of these projects with others with similar interests whilst continuing to help newcomers to electronic music technology to develop their skills and abilities.

Why the name fleetingspider?  Well it’s just one of many interesting anagrams of my name.

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