These are a few of the other projects and pedals that I have built for people.

Other Projects

Fleeting Spider Buffer MiixerFleeting Spider ABY PedalFleeting Spider VU Pedal

This is a mixer and buffer pedal. It has a two channel mixer and a separate  high impedance buffer that can be selected to give 0dB or +6dB boost.

This is a high functionality ABY switch pedal that has adjustable buffers on each channel with a -6dB to +6dB range, a phase reversal switch on the B channel and transformer coupled outputs on both channels.

This is a VU meter and mute pedal that can be placed on the end of a pedal chain to assist in setting up of volume levels at live events.

Fleeting Spider Big Muff Green Russian Type Pedal

This is my version of the Big Muff Pi Green Russian.

It has two enhancements. One is a switch to select alternative clipping diodes. The other is an extra tone shift control to provide a flatter frequency response curve.