The Whisper of Screams

A Re-Creation of the Kasha KA-OPD 4-Channel Overdrive Pedal

In collaboration with Mark Davis, a well–respected guitar pedal builder, we have produced an overdrive pedal that re-creates the functionality and original tonal characteristics of the rare and much sought after Kasha KA-ODP 4-Channel Overdrive guitar pedal.

When first released, the KA-ODP received rave reviews from the guitar effects community and the popular guitar magazines.

In 2009, this is what Premier Guitar magazine said when it was first released:

“Boutique amp builder Kasha Amplifiers has raised the bar on what a true overdrive pedal should do and how it should perform. It makes perfect sense that if one were to set out to design an overdrive pedal to compliment the sound of an amplifier, it should be one that is familiar with how an amplifier actually works. It is this perspective that has brought attention to the new Kasha Overdrive pedal and it is this perspective that promises to set it apart from the others by truly maintaining transparency through a wide frequency range.”

"Wow, it has all the clarity and sparkle I was hoping for. I was able to hear every note and the sustain is great," said Paul Jackson Jr. (guitarist for American Idol, Michael Jackson, Lionel Richie, Kenny Rogers)

And this is summary of the review by Guitar Gear:

“The KASHA Overdrive kicks ass, and I will be adding it to my pedal board! Even if you’re not in the market for a new overdrive, you owe it to yourself to give this pedal a serious look!”

“Four channels, Two Knobs, One Switch and a TON of Ways to Enhance Your Tone”

“Summary: Just about the most amazing overdrive pedal I’ve ever had the privilege to play!

Pros: 4 “channels” provide different and amazing overdrive voices that add “spice” to your tone. No line noise from this pedal at all! Super simple operation.

Cons: None.”

To achieve its unique tonal characteristics, Kasha used specific semiconductor devices in its design. Unfortunately, these devices were withdrawn from production making the manufacture to the original design impossible. The original pedal is therefore not available to purchase new. On rare occasions second-hand KA-ODP pedals do appear on sites like Reverb and when they do, they normally demand high prices.

Recently Mark Davis and I have had the opportunity to fully analyse the original pedal. By using modern design, analysis and simulation techniques together with listening to the audible results of a large range of semiconductor devices we have now been able to recreate the unique tone and distortion characteristics of this original KA-ODP pedal.

To recognise the split personality of this reincarnated pedal, Mark named it the Whisper of Screams as its effects can range from subtle though to really wicked.

These are the main features:

4 ‘channels’ with separate voicing and gain

No tone sucking, only enhances sound

All analogue design

Low noise

10 dB clear extra boost setting

True bypass switching

Low noise

Very low power consumption, less than 5mA

AC power jack (uses standard Boss type DC power supplies)

Adjustable intensity LED


This setting is a simple boost stage, which ups your gain about 3dB.

If you add the Turbo, then you get a full 13dB to start really working

your amp.


This setting is bright, sounding like a low-wattage tube amp but you

don’t lose any of your low end sound.


This setting hits your amp with 11dB of gain, and gives you added bass. The tone from this channel is absolutely HUGE! Then you flip to Scream and WOW!


With this setting you get a gritty heavy metal type sound. The voicing gets a big, but tight bottom-end plus a few more dB’s of gain.

Note that this pedal is made to order and can be customised to the requirements of the purchaser.

Please email effects@fleetingspider.com for more details.